Towards a Greener City

A shift in mindset and a campaign built around engaged partnerships, communities, and openness changed a part of Copenhagen for the greener.


From May 2010 to May 2011 the citizens, shops and housing associations of Østerbro in Denmark joined forces to reduce the district’s CO2 emissions, and the results were remarkable. Large energy savings were launched, new green network bubbled forth and companies, associations and citizens threw themselves into the challenge.


The task was to create a campaign that could reduce Østerbros CO2 emissions by 10%, and the solution was mobilizations campaign aimed at companies, organizations and citizens to also show that a part of the city could stand together around a common cause.


Participants took the first step, and when they did, there were resources ready for them in the form of support and networking. The campaign spread like wildfire throughout Østerbro where new networks and green initiatives sprouted between citizens, businesses, housing associations and unions, and where up to 20% of the district’s housing was actively engaged in reducing their energy consumption.


2100.nu won the 2010 Green Cities prize for the efforts, presented by the European Environment Agency