Circular economy is the new normal worldwide and Minor Change Group is leading in helping businesses and organizations to adapt to the new market. We are an innovation agency specialized in Circular Economy methods, business development and finance. We develop, finance and implement ideas that drive sustainable growth and move organizations to a leading position. 


The combination of circular economy method and financing are a catalyst for innovation and new business models. A way to develop new markets or growing existing ones. 


How we do it

Our point of departure is always to understand the ambition of the individual company and the marked they operates in. Through a co-creation process we identify which business optimisations are needed to gain better bottom-line results and a leading market position.


Whether it is as a partner or a consultant, we can be involved in the whole process, from the enfant idea, prototyping, market analysis to conceptualize the business model and to launch it. 


When working with business development and innovation design we bring our 5 phase method into play.

We analyse and research the market, to understand which business models is applicable to the particular market or ways to develop existing ones.

We focus and determents which opportunities to pursue. We create the framework for the business models and the strategies.

We develop the design, we strengthen the brand, we create the identity in other words we conceptualize the business model and clarifies the strategies. 

We launch the strategy and see it come to life and evolve. 

We have the knowledge to help financing the entire project. This way we can ensure to bring the product to the forefront of the field.