Circularity City

Accelerating Sustainable Growth

The Circularity City initiative was created to gather businesses and organizations around the mid Jutland area to strengthen innovation skills within the companies, increase public demand for products and services, increase exports and create strong partnerships around the development of circular construction and smart neighbourhoods. It is a collaboration to bring forth solutions that benefits people, the environment and the economy. The circular economy strategy is the perfect model to achieve this.


Minor Change Group is one of the leading partners in Circularity City. We ensure that the main goal is reached by organizing and project managing the value chain cooperation and the activities related to this. We also have the lead regarding the digital marketing and branding strategy for the initiative.


In practice we have developed a circular strategy in close collaboration with the involved municipalities to facilitate the circular thought throughout their entire organizations. In addition, we constantly ensure that there is financial support to drive this project forward and makes sure that we reach the goal.