Our collaboration with KALK, the company former known as Skandinavisk Jura Kalk, started as a need for a new web shop and a vision of breaking into new markets. It became the start of a comprehensive development for the family owned company KALK. Based on an interdisciplinary model, where Minor Change Group delved into every part of KALK’s business. We made sure that the company as a whole was geared to change. KALK moved from being a regional player to be a potential Nordic leader in the market for sustainable new building. A giant leap.


During the rebranding to ‘KALK’  we found the essence of the company’s products and passions, and with the payoff  ‘Build lasting culture’ we put the purpose in the high seat and as a catalyst.  Binding KALK’s work and cultural heritage together with the growing trend within the building culture, new sustainable principles can set the agenda. This is manifested through the strategies, campaigns and products developed.

The collaboration resulted in a documented growth of 15% already before the launch of the new brand. In addition, KALK received one and a half million DKK in 2014 and 2 million DKK in 2015 for product development and networking to support the “Build lasting culture” and KALK’s new brand.


Build Lasting Culture